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We Help Enterprises Build And Secure Their Artificial Intelligence Systems

We Prevent Risk Of AI Security Breach That Can Lead To Serious Financial Loss And Brand Reputation Damage

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Are You At Risk Of Brand Reputation Damage Because Of Your Artificial Intelligence System?

With more than 10 years of experience and countless successful commercial deployments of artificial intelligence products, our managing partner, Alexandros Louizos, has seen lots of cases of cybersecurity threats that are difficult to measure and predict but led to irrecoverable loss to reputation, finances and careers.  

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"We Protect Your Security and Reputation To Allow Your Artificial Intelligence To Create Value Without Risking Your Brand..."

Alexandros Louizos, Managing Partner, Manxmachina LLC

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  • More than 10 years of commercial AI experience
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 "There Are Security Issues With Deep Learning Systems That The Industry Has Been Ignoring For Quite A While Now With A "Hide Under The Carpet Behavior". This Exposes Our Nation And Our Enterprises To Dangers We Need To Proactively Prevent In Order To Capture The Immense Value Of Artificial Intelligence Without The Dangers Of Rogue Agents Attacking Our Deep Learning Systems."