About Alexandros Louizos

Alexandros Louizos is an entrepreneur who created and exited his first company immediately after college, BrainForexSignals LTD, in 2004.

He went on to become a surgeon in Cambridge, UK. In 2014 he left his career in vascular surgery to start an artificial intelligence company in United States. His company was incubated by TechStars and raised multiple millions of dollars while getting top 10 insurance customers as clients. He exited that company in 2018 and since then he created and deployed multiple 7 figure artificial intelligence products and helped many other people achieve similar success through his coaching and advice.

Alexandros is an entrepreneur coach that has mastered the fundamentals of creating companies, getting the right team in place, getting the first clients  and fund-raising. All those while helping entrepreneurs keeping their sanity and optimizing their help throughout the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

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